Results 2021

The results of the third annual South African Craft Gin Awards have been announced.  Roger Jorgensen chaired the judging panel and commented: “The creativity  of expression in South African Gins continues to pleasantly surprise us. The judging panel looked for authentic flavours that harmoniously deliver on the nose and palate. The broad range of styles did not disappoint. The level of entries remained strong, and it was exciting to see new gins coming through. The category does not lack vibrancy or excitement. There is an ongoing level of continuous improvement in South African gins in terms of quality and creativity, and this bodes well for the future.”

The SA Craft Gin Awards is Africa’s largest gin competition.

The Double Gold award-winning gins are:

  • Benedicts London Dry
  • Blackwood Spirits Dry
  • Blind Tiger
  • Blomendahl
  • Bossieveld Inspiration
  • Bossieveld Mystique
  • Die Droe Rooinek Dry
  • Die Mas Kalahari Dry
  • Die Mas Kalahari Naartjie
  • Dome Lime & Bluebell Vine
  • Dullstroom Birch
  • Earthbound Crystal
  • Ginologist Citrus
  • Ginologist Floral
  • Ginologist Orient
  • Guardian African Gin
  • Indlovu Citrus
  • KMD Gin
  • Mirari Celebration
  • New Chapter Gin No.1
  • New Chapter Gin No.2
  • Nuy Gin
  • Old Packhouse Dragonfruit
  • Poetic Licence Northern Dry
  • Roxi’s Spice
  • Zenie Ramos Blueberry

The Single Gold award-winning gins are:

  • 10 Oxes Black Pepper and Fig
  • 10 Oxes Chocolate & Strawberry
  • Autograph Signet
  • Cape Fynbos Citrus
  • Cape Fynbos Gin
  • Chateau de la Haye Artisanal Bathtub
  • Clemengold
  • De Vry Die Soet Rooinek Cherry
  • Die Khoi
  • Die Mas Kalahari Pomegranate
  • Dome Premium
  • Dullstroom Cinna Gin
  • Dusk Shiraz
  • Earthbound Angel Breath
  • FRDM Abantu Gin
  • Ginifer
  • Ginifer Chilli Pineapple
  • Honeybush Premium
  • Jin Gin Olive and Honey
  • Jin Gin Tomato and Sweet pepper
  • Knut Hansen
  • Koba Nectarous Cardamon
  • Lengana Gin
  • Malachite Fynbos Gin
  • Mirari Blue Orient Spiced
  • Mirari Pink Damask Rose
  • Native Cara Cara Orange
  • Poetic Licence Old Tom
  • Primos Arandano Blueberry
  • Primos Crisp Citron
  • Prohibition 2.0 The Bootlegger
  • Punters
  • Shakas Pride
  • Sugarbird Cape Fynbos
  • Sugarbird Pino & Pelargonium

Best of Category Winners

London / African Dry
Ginologist Orient

Botanical / Fynbos
Bossieveld Mystique

Fruit / Citrus
Die Mas Kalahari Naartjie

Roxi’s Spice

Poetic Licence Old Tom

Other / Contemporary
Autograph Signet